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How To Make Your Socks Last Longer

Socks have a hard life. They are constantly in use, get thrust into a variety of different shoes and get walked on for miles and miles whilst being...

The History Of Royal Blue

We at Sirluxe Socks love colour in all forms; whether it be a bold and bright colour or more subtle hues, each can evoke emotion in their own indiv...

The Ultimate Guide To Smart Casual Dressing for Men

"Smart casual", by default, is an oxymoron. It's two words, that mean opposite things, thrust together to create a new blended style for men that c...

Bold In Blue

Blue is the World's favourite colour and whilst it may conjure images of the sky or sea, it's also the colour of confidence and bravery. Here ar...

Socks & Sneakers Outfits

This guide will take you through some great socks and sneakers outfits so that you don't have to worry...we've got you!

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable and Ethical Gift Ideas For Men

Spoiler alert, there might be socks in this list...

Green Socks Styled Three Ways

Green is a great colour for socks, and it is actually a really versatile sock colour which you can use in a variety of smart and casual looks.

How To Stay Productive Working From Home

Working from home is here to stay, so let's talk about how to keep your productivity high.

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