How To Wear Socks With Loafers

How To Wear Socks With Loafers

There have always been mixed opinions when it comes to wearing socks with loafers, but should you do it or is it a no-go? And if you choose to, what are some of the best colour combinations you can choose to make sure your look is on point. Let's stop loafing about and dive right in.


Is it OK to wear socks with loafers?

Let's start with the main question and the answer is, of course, yes! Socks with loafers opens up a plethora of additional style opportunities that you might not have previously thought of. They can bridge the gap between smart and casual (and we have a great range of smart casual socks to help you out too) but can also be used for the smartest of occasions. 


Can you wear loafers to a formal event?

Another easy yes, and you can definitely wear socks with this outfit too.

Eddie Redmayne wore Duke + Dexter loafers with socks when he won an Oscar in 2015. He chose black loafer and black socks; a classic combination, so if it is smart enough for the Oscar's ceremony then it will be smart enough for whatever occasion you might be thinking of!


Is it bad to wear loafers without socks?

We would always recommend wearing socks with loafers, and especially our bamboo socks. The main benefit of wearing socks with loafers vs not wearing socks is the comfort and smell. Wearing loafers without socks can cause your feet to sweat a lot and create odour as a result, and who wants that?


What are some sock and loafer colour combinations you can try?

This is the fun part.

If you're nervous about trying socks and loafers then start classic. As mentioned, black socks with black loafers is a great place to start or you can try navy blue loafers with similar colour socks.

This is one of our favourite looks, pairing a striped loafer with our royal blue bamboo socks will really help you stand out at your event.

 Royal Blue Socks


The Footer

This was a very easy "YES" when it comes to wearing socks with loafers. We encourage you to try out some combinations and see if you like the look, you won't regret it!


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