The History Of Royal Blue

The History Of Royal Blue

We at Sirluxe Socks love colour in all forms; whether it be a bold and bright colour or more subtle hues, each can evoke emotion in their own individual way. Each has a unique story and history behind it and in this post, we're looking at Royal Blue, a colour we use in one of our Duke bamboo sock ranges.


What is Royal Blue?

The Royal Blue colour is a shade of azure blue which is lighter than a navy blue. The shade of blue has actually changed over time and used to be much lighter than the royal blue you are probably used to seeing now.


Why is it called Royal Blue?

The colour itself is believed to have originated from Somerset, where a team of clothiers created it having won a competition to make a dress for Queen Charlotte! An extraordinary way for a colour to be born, we are sure you'll agree.

The term "Royal Blue" was believed to first be used in the early 1800s.


Why is Royal Blue Popular?

Again, we have Queen Charlotte to thank for this. She was thought to be so fond of royal blue that she included it heavily in her wardrobe. As a result of this, the appeal of the royal blue colour grew amongst the public as people took note of her passion for the colour and looked to bring it into their own wardrobes.

Her love for the colour is the main reason why royal blue has regal associations. These regal associations mean it remains a popular choice for a variety of outfits including for formalwear.


The meaning of Royal Blue?

When looking into colour psychology, blue is associated with trustworthiness. Royal blue’s bright, vivid hue means it’s less likely to make this impression.

You can also look at blue and feel feelings of contentment and calmness. Our oceans skies are mainly blue and evoke feelings of calmness as a result of the connotations with these natural parts of our world.


The Footer

Who wouldn't want to dress in a colour that promote such positive feelings? We're fortunate enough to have a Royal Blue bamboo sock range and we, of course, thoroughly recommend that you give them a try!


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