How Our Socks Are Made

How Our Socks Are Made

The art of creating socks really is an art. Let us take you through the process we go through in order to ensure we bring you the best, most comfortable bamboo socks.


Sleek designs

We want our socks to be the epitome of comfort and style, and so we work tirelessly on ensuring that our socks provide this to our customers. It's important that our socks look, as well as feel, great.


Made in Portugal

All of our socks are made in our family-run factory just outside of Braga, Portugal. The family has been making high quality socks since 1983, and it was important for us to work with a factory that had the right experience, credentials and ethos as us at Sirluxe Socks. 

The bamboo used to make our socks is grown in Indonesia & China.

Our factory partners ensure our environmental impact is reduced by being selective of raw materials, and follow rigorous policies in relation to the handling of waste.

We're proud to make and finish our socks in Europe.

 Sock factory

State of the art techniques

Socks are actually one of the most complicated items of clothing to make, thanks mostly to the method in which they are created and the machines that are used to create our impressive designs.

It's always worth remembering that socks go through a lot and need to be as robust as possible. As a result, all of our socks are woven using state-of-the-art 200 needle machines (the highest possible for socks) for a tighter weave and with a reinforced heel and toe for added durability.


Comfort is key

When looking into what the most important thing that customers look for in socks, it was comfort. This insight is what drove us to using bamboo for our socks, which helps us to create breathable, soft socks.

We also hate it when you put a pair of socks on and your toe gets caught at the bottom. We couldn't have this at Sirluxe Socks so we ensure that all of our socks have smooth toe seams, created by linking the stitches of the two sides of the toe seam together with one thread, provide maximum comfort. No annoying catch here!


Signature Style Icon

After each pair of socks has been created, our signature Sirluxe Socks icon is expertly embroidered on the outer side of each sock for a sleek finish. Our icon serves to embody everything about Sirluxe Socks; it's beautifully symmetrical, comes in pairs and is effortlessly stylish.


Try it for yourself

We have a flexible and free returns policy, so your first purchase from Sirluxe Socks really is risk free. Explore the range here!

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