Socks & Sneakers Outfits

Socks & Sneakers Outfits

Are you ever unsure about which socks to wear with sneakers or trainers and then end up wearing generic white ones or perhaps "no show" trainer socks? This guide will take you through some great outfits that combine socks and sneakers so that you don't have to worry...we've got you!

Red Socks and White Trainers


Always Wear Socks

Firstly, it is important that you always wear socks with trainers and don't go sockless. If you don't wear socks, you can run the risk of infection as our feet sweat...a lot in fact. Bamboo socks have a host of benefits when it comes to helping in this area too as it has natural antibacterial properties. You can learn more about the wonders of bamboo herebut enough about that, let's get into it and show you some great sock and trainer outfit ideas.


Black Trainer & Socks Styles

People often think of sneakers as white or grey (we'll get to them) but black sneakers are a smarter choice which work equally well with a variety of socks, and especially Sirluxe Socks. Since a lot of our socks have black embroidery of our signature Sirluxe Socks icon, it means that they work really well with the black of the trainer. Black is such a versatile colour to use and works incredibly well with so many styles.


Grey Sneakers & Socks Outfits

We use grey sneakers for a lot of our looks that we photograph as we feel it is a great neutral colour to work with so many styles, and it helps the socks do the talking! Some classic colour combinations include grey and black, so we suggest wearing black jeans and grey sneakers and then you have so many options with the socks from there. Red, mustard, green, blue... the sock world is your oyster so pick the colour and style that suits your mood that day and the occasion you need to dress for.



White Sneakers & Socks Outfits

Saving the best until last? We'll leave that opinion up to you, but we're confident that most people will own a pair of white trainers and if you do, then you're in luck, as this opens up a wide range of possible sock and trainer combinations.

White trainers can be worn easily with jeans, blue chinos, black chinos, beige chinos or grey trousers so are a really useful pair of trainers to have in the shoe rack ready to pull out. These few ideas below can help you easily style your socks and trainers.


Battersea park fashion


Mustard socks outfit


Green socks and white trainers


The Footer

Dare to be a little bolder, and make your socks an outfit defining item of clothing and not an afterthought. They can really add a wonderful bit of colour and pattern to your outfit with minimal effort. And, as you can see, are easy to pair with sneakers. 

If you're looking to up your sock game then we've got so many great styles for you to choose from.


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