Eco-Friendly, Sustainable and Ethical Gift Ideas For Men

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable and Ethical Gift Ideas For Men

Finding the perfect gift for your loved one can be tricky. It's always hard to be thoughtful, but also ensure that they love the gift that they get. Let us take you through some great gift ideas for men that are thoughtful, and equally as important, eco-friendly and sustainable. Spoiler alert, there might be socks in this list...


Sirluxe Socks Bamboo Socks. From £12

OK, we’re sorry, but this one had to be first. Our luxuriously soft bamboo socks make an amazing gift and we find we get a lot of customers buying these for friends and family. Whether you choose an individual pair or luxurious bamboo sock gift box, our socks will be sure to show them you care and can help finish off your Valentine’s Day outfit for that cosy night in.

After all, socks are the new shoes!

We’ve even got a “Simply Red” gift box that are filled with all socks made with the colour of love…red of course.


BrewDog Beer. From £4

If your other / better half enjoys their beer, then a great brewery we recommend is BrewDog. BrewDog has grown in popularity massively over the past few years and you may well have heard of them by now.

The reason we love them, other than their great tasting beer, is their stance towards helping the environment. They are the first carbon neutral brewery in the world as of late 2020 and recently ran an initiative to give away free beer in lockdown to everyone. For every order they took they planted a new tree, resulting in 250,000 new trees planted. A great initiative from a great brand that has a real ambition to have a positive impact on the environment.


Sweet Bamboo Coffee Cup. £16

Sweet Bamboo use bamboo to make a reusable coffee cup. This is a double whammy in our opinion. Firstly, reducing single-use plastic is a great way to help reduce plastic waste which is a problem that continues to spiral out of control and fill our oceans. Secondly, the bottle is made from bamboo which, as we know, is an incredible and seemingly versatile material!


Green Bee Bamboo Straws. £8

You can never have enough straws in the house, and they make a great little gift. This is a great way to get rid of the single use plastic straws in your house, and these are made using our favourite material...bamboo! Check out Green Bee's bamboo straws.



Larsson and Jennings Watches. From £140

We use Larsson and Jennings watches in a lot of our photography. They are sleek, modern watch designer that sell beautiful watches at a reasonable price. They carefully source their materials from ethical producers and work with their supply chain to make our carbon footprint as low as possible and they plan on being carbon neutral by the end of 2022.



Libertas London Swim Shorts. From £38

It's always good to have great pairs of swim shorts in the drawer ready for the next spa trip or holiday. Libertas use 10 recycled plastic bottles in each pair of shorts they make, helping to give a second use to single-use plastics. They have a passion and energy to try and make an impact on the global pollution of our oceans heavily impacted by plastic waste.


The Footer 

There are loads of options out there if you are looking for eco-friendly gifts for the men in your life. Sometimes, you just need to know where to look, so we hope we have inspired you. We still maintain that you can't go wrong with a beautiful pair of socks, though, of course.

If you want to learn more about bamboo, then check out our post on why bamboo is such an amazing material to use, and especially for socks.

Happy Shopping!


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