How To Stay Productive Working From Home

How To Stay Productive Working From Home

Whether you're in tier 1, or the newly formed tier 4, working from home looks like it's here to stay. Many companies and individuals are going to be be continuing working from home, or a blend of office & remote working for weeks and months to come. It can be tough, so let us help you with some easy, practical tips to help you maintain balance and remain productive.


Create a morning routine

If you were previously office based, you would have a morning routine. Get up, put your socks on (of course), get dressed, eat, gym, travel, whatever it may be. There's no reason to not maintain a morning routine. We recommend getting up at a similar time every day and go for a morning walk. Work can be challenging and busy, and if you don't get up an go out in the morning, the days can slip past and before you know it you've spent 2-3 days in your house without leaving it.

Give it a try, you'll feel better with some fresh air in your lungs.


Get Dressed

We can't stress this enough. It's tempting to just roll out of bed, put a pair of joggers on and fire up the laptop. We're massive advocates of creating separation between the work day and the relaxation time in your home through attire. Get dressed. Wear a shirt, or something a little smarter than you usually would lounging at home. 

It helps the you be in the right mindset for the work day. Then when the day is finished, change into your "chill wear".

Comfort is still key, so make sure your sock choice is right. Our luxurious bamboo socks are, of course, the ideal choice for working from home.


Leave your house

As mentioned above this could form part of your morning routine, but don't restrict yourself to morning ventures out the house. A lunchtime walk, trip for a takeaway coffee or hot chocolate is a great way to break up the day. And if you're lucky enough to benefit from flexible working, take advantage. Take a longer break in the middle of the day and work at times you feel most productive.


Have a dedicated work space

One of the most important ones. This doesn't mean having a whole room or swanky home office in the garden. Obviously this would be ideal, but we appreciate that this is not realistic for most people. A small desk in the corner of the spare room, or a place on the dining table will suffice and help you have a dedicated space to be more productive. Don't work with the laptop on your lap in your bed! 


Stay positive

Be resilient. There has been a lot of talk about the impact of working from home, and therefore reduced social interaction with others, is having on people's mental health. Trying to remain positive really helps you still feel purposeful from home.


Put your laptop away

At the end of the day, if you don't have an office, put your stuff away! Don't leave the computer lingering on the dining room table. It takes about 5 minutes to unplug and stick it away in a cupboard so there's no excuse when you used to spend an hour each way commuting!

This helps add segregation between the end of your work day and the start of your evening time.


The Footer

Although we can't help you with all these points, we can help you feel comfortable at home with our bamboo socks...give them a try to see if you feel more productive!


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